Welcome to APCA Membership Portal

Welcome to the APCA Membership Portal

We are a unique, dynamic community of palliative care professionals and supporters across Africa and all over the globe. 


Featured Benefits

Do you want to know more about APCA Membership? Here’s a glimpse into the featured benefits of joining APCA Membership

Impact on the Continent

A people committed to one cause: promoting palliative and comprehensive chronic care for everyone who needs it on the continent.

Research Opportunities

Unparalleled opportunities to contribute to the development of life-changing palliative care,

Get Support professional & career support

Receive support in your work and career from a wide range of experts and professionals.

Our Membership Plans

We offer 3 categories or tiers of membership to suit the requirements of members from different backgrounds.

Individual Membership
Organisational Membership

We’ve done it carefully and simply. Combined with the ingredients makes for beautiful landings.

Individual Membership
(Outside Africa)
Organisational Membership
(Outside Africa)

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